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Assurance Services

Assurance Services

Small Business owners and managers often make the mistake on making a decision based on an incomplete or inaccurate data resulting in a greater business risk. Our assurance services will help reduce these risks and help small business owners and decision makers around Bloomington, Indiana to make a more informed decisions.

At Sare Associates P.C. we pride ourselves in giving the best information possible to the clients to help them make better and informed business decisions.

Business Risk Assessment or Risk Assurance Service

This type of assurance service focuses on the risks the business has/takes and on providing better information  needed to manage these risks resulting  in a more effective and successful business.

Financial Assurance

Financial Assurance are often used to evaluate and check the existing information , which could also provide context to it or to verify and asses how reliable and relevant is the information.

Non-Financial Assurance

While most assurance services falls on the financial category, there are some assurance services that are not on the financial side, a good example for this are performance claims, quality control or data security.


are a type of assurance service but are only for testing of the validity of financial statements, it is also the serves as a starting point for other assurance services.

Our mission at Sare Associates P.C. is to maximize the reliability and transparency of the financial information for an informed and better business decision.

Aside from our Assurance Services, we also offer Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business and Financial, Cash Flow, Management Consulting, Tax Planning, and Tax Preparation Services to businesses around Bloomington Indiana. For more information contact using our form or call us at (812) 339-9330.