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Management Consulting Services

management consulting services

Effective management and leadership is the key to a successful business in Bloomington. It is our role as a CPA firm, to analyze operations of organization, comittee role and function, and propose changes in managing and leadership practices. We don’t just help business increase their growth and profitability, we are your partners who will help you decide which management decisions are best to attain your goals.

David Sare CPA consultants act as a sounding board for management

We form comprehensive, flexible solutions that focuses on the negative issues affecting your business. We also provide consulting services on the following areas:

  • Selection and Use of Accounting Software – Our experienced accountants can help you choose and implement a safe and reliable Accounting Software that will fit your needs.
  • Search and Recruiting – We can help you look for available, experienced and capable candidate to fill a position in your company. We believe that it requires more than just knowledge, skills, and abilities – an applicant must be ready for challenging roles and fit the culture of the organization, too.
  • Business Succession Planning -This plays a vital role to your business continuation and we address succession-management process seriously to ensure an effective transition of your business to your potential successors.
  • Buying, Selling and Business Valuation – We provide objective evaluation of any business/company you might want to buy or sell. Our professional staff will assist you through the acquisition and disposition process, and partner ownership and divorce matters.
  • Management Advisory – We can help your management team and partners establish long-term objectives and develop solutions to ensure business’ future growth and profitablity.
  • Asset Protection/Wealth Preservation – Protect your assets from creditor claims, David Sare CPA can help you with a plan that will allow you to have control over you protected assets which may include offshore trusts, accounts-receivable financing and family limited partnerships.
  • Litigation Support – This includes analysis of litigation risks and management. Our accounting and auditing techniques can efficiently assist in your companies’ quantification and documentation of any potential economic damages caused by action, products, services etc.
  • Employee Benefit and Pension Plans – We can assist with choosing the type qualified plans that will best aid your retirement needs and of your employees.

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